Husband & Wife.

Mom & Dad.

Firefighter & Photographer.

Survivors of tragedy.

Woodward Strong Incorporated founders.

We met in 2009 at a bar and it was as close to love at first sight as either of us are willing to admit. Engaged a short 10 months from the day we met, we've built a life around God, our family, and our passions. Josh started his journey towards becoming a firefighter in 2010 and began volunteering for various departments immediately after graduating from the fire academy that same year. In 2017, he was hired by the Albany Airport Fire Department as a full time career fireman. I opened the doors to my photography business in 2011. Building from the ground up, I built my skill set to an award winning standard becoming a staple in my community as a family and wedding photographer. We have two beautiful children, Jax (6) and Holland(3).


Prior to February 2019, we would have obnoxiously told you our lives were perfect.

We each had our dream career, a happy marriage, a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, kids to keep us young, dogs to keep us grounded, and most importantly our health.

But on February 7th, 2019, our world got flipped upside down when what appeared to be a run of the mill virus had evolved into flesh eating bacteria and Josh's body went into septic shock as a result. His kidney, heart, lungs, and liver had all begun to shut down. Medical professionals gave him a 5% chance of survival. We turned to social media for prayers, our community for help keeping us afloat, and our family to love on us. Miraculously, Josh survived that which seemed unsurvivable. After two months in medical facilities, 10 surgeries, including the amputation of his right hand and all ten toes, Josh was discharged to go home and rebuild. He has made strides no one would have dreamed possible on that first day.


What started out as a desperate plea on social media for prayer has turned into a movement we aptly named "Woodward Strong".

We've taken some time to think about what "Woodward Strong" means. What kind of strength is behind this name?

Well, first and foremost, strength from God. For without God, nothing is possible and with God all things are possible.

But it's also about pulling strength from those who surround you. For without our community, we would have fallen.

Without the countless hours of prayers from around the nation sent on our behalf and for our best interest, without those who donated to our financial needs during an incredibly trying time, without those who came in and got directly involved with preparing our meals, caring for our children, walking our dogs, cutting our lawn, taking out our trash, driving our family to and from the airport, we would have crumbled.

Finally, Woodward Strong stands for the strength you find within, for without Josh's immeasurable strength, he would not be here.

Our hearts burst with gratitude and it is with a joyous and thankful heart that we embark on this new venture of paying it forward.



You can see our entire journey from the very beginning on our Woodward Strong facebook page